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Coworking has never been that flexible!! Now you can configurate your own access card by yourself. You just have to choose what suits you best and your card will be available in less than 24h.

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Why Coworking Space in Sfax ?

With its sccessful business eco-system and high level studies , Sfax is one of the most important cities in Tunisia. Co-working is more than a need in such successful environment. As an entrepreneur or a student ,buliding a high level network, connecting with brightful minds and being part of great opportunities are basics for a good and successful future.

What you’re capable
                    to learn here
What you’re capable
                    to learn here

What will you learn here ?

In a changing world, future is no longer about information, but more about skills. Here , we offer you the tools to face new challenges every day. On a personal stage or a professional one, you will learn what you need to be a better and a more successful person. We do not only offer you trainings but also the opportunity to share experiences with high level actors in various fields.

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Pricing Plans

With each need its formula. No constraints, no commitment, this is the rule of coworking at Ecozone. A day or month, choose the membership formula that suits you.

C Zone90
/ per month

  • Half Day
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Printer (20 papers)
  • Relaxation Area
  • Tea & Coffee

O Zone160
/ per month

  • Full Day (7h - 19h)
  • High Speed WIFI
  • Printer (50 papers)
  • Relaxation Area
  • Tea & Coffee

Open Space Zone


1 jour

Meeting / Training Zone

2 Hours 25TND

4 Hours 50TND

8 Hours 100TND

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Want more flexibility? You can configurate your own access card by yourself. You just have to choose what suits you best and your card will be available in less than 24h.

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Event ZONE

Coworking is not only about working, it's more about connecting. Thus, ECOZONE is the perfect place to network. Joining our events is an opportunity to meet entrepreneurial actors and discover new perspectives.

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Soirée Loup-Garou

Ceci est un matin ordinaire dans le village de Thiercelieux : les gens profitent de leur journée, les enfants jouent , les hommes et les femmes travaillent et tout le monde ne semble pas moins heureux. jusqu'à ce que la nuit tombe et que les loups se réveillent et se mettent à hurler en signe de faim. Leur soif de chair humaine est si aveuglante qu'ils ne s'attendent même pas à ce que la sorcière, le chasseur ou les villageois puissent les démasquer et mettre fin à leur désir de mort et de destruction.. les villageois vont-ils donc identifier les loups et enfin vivre en paix? ou les loups vont-ils déjouer les villageois et sortir victorieux? rendez-vous à ecozone coworking space vendredi 19h00 pour déterminer le futur du village. NB: le prix du soirée est 10dt ,diner inclus (pizza).


Who trust us?

Ecozone Coworking Space is more than thankful to all the organizations and firms that trusted us. And the best is yet to come !

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