They are not only volunteers. These wonderful brightful minds are ECOZONE heart. Without them, nothing could be done until now.



In ECOZONE Coworking Space, it is not always about hard work and achievements. We are family before all and family have amazing time together inside and outside home. For our dear COWORKERS : we LOVE you !!





Coworking does not take place only in a coworking space.

It is basically being part of a greater ecosystem including many other intervenants. As in the world, coworking spaces network is growing fast in Tunisia .

Among many others, ECOZONE Coworking Space had the honor to be part of an amazing reunion of Tunisian coworking spaces held by EOT (Entrepreneurs Of Tunisia) and Sponsored by Biat Foundation.

Ms Sahar CHAKROUN as a speaker talikng about women entrepreneurship with Ouechma organization.

Mr Jihed BOUGUERRA taking part in Youth preventing violent extremism     Panel     held    by
II Debate Organization.

Ms Sahar CHAKROUN as a speaker of Youth Mediterennian Forum held by AISEC Organization.



ECOZONE Coworking Space was honored to be part of many media channels including TV and Radio stations. Many thanks to every one who helped us with that.  



Because we did not start alone… Because we had friends who visualised our space in the perfect way we could imagine… Because they made our dream touchable… Because they were our architects, friends, but also part of this amazing dream… We are more than thankful for you : Nadim BOUKDHIR and Leila KOLSI.

ECOZONE Coworking Space was made with love and passion. None of them is professional, but they were always here to help. Because they believed in our dream. Many thanks to all of you !!